Services – Residential


Montreal-based construction and renovation company built on a solid reputation for quality and service.

Turn key projects

From start to finish we take care of every step. We start with design and planning, supply cost estimates, and outline a schedule. When the work is ready to begin we protect all areas not affected by the work, create functional work and non-work areas, and make appointments for the client with our suppliers so they can choose finishings from the showrooms. During the work we coordinate subtrades, supervise all work, communicate progress and changes to the client, and organize the delivery of different materials. Upon completion we remove construction related items, clean all affected areas, and return the premises to the client.

Design and planning

Different projects require different design professionals. We work with architects, structural engineers, and designers, and often with more than one on a given project. In many cases clients already have designs before they contact us. In other cases we will recommend professionals that we work with frequently. The larger the project the more critical is the design and planning, but even for the smallest projects, before starting any work, we always spend the requisite time to ensure the plan suits the clients needs and is feasible.

Project cost estimate

Through our uptodate knowledge of material and labor costs we can accurately predict the overall cost of a given project. We can also provide optional pricing to enable our clients to explore different possibilities. There is no charge for our estimates; our goal is to allow our clients to make informed choices before proceeding.

Project management

As a general contractor we are experts in organizing all the professionals involved with a project. We oversee the work on site, ensure that the plans are accurately followed, and resolve any discrepancies. We are the link between the client, the tradespeople, the designers, and the suppliers, and we ensure that the project progresses smoothly and efficiently.


Our specialty is turn of the century buildings in Montreal. We are experienced in restoring and modifying these buildings. We have carried out a variety of complex projects, and work with tradespeople and suppliers who are masters of replicating and rehabilitating these structures to their original states.


We do all types of home renovation such as kitchen, bathroom, and even full home remodels. Unlike many small renovation companies we use licensed electricians and plumbers in conjunction with other skilled trades to ensure a quality result which conforms to the building code and is fully guaranteed.

Structural work

Whether steel, wood, or concrete structures we are equipped to handle the most complex jobs. Our structural engineer provides certified drawings and our qualified staff carry out the plans under his direction so that when the work is finished (whether a repair or new construction) our clients can rest assured that it’s done right.

High-end finishings

We can replicate any mouldings either in plaster or wood; we can make cabinets, shelves, and storage units in our woodshop to fit any space; we can stain and finish any pieces to match existing or to a colour of our client’s choosing.