About Us

JCC is a general contractor with many years of experience in residential and commercial construction, renovation and restoration projects in Montreal.

About Company

JCC is a construction company founded in the early 2000s. It was built from the ground up by Josh Collins, a framing carpenter, who began in the restoration and renovation of residential properties. Over the years the JCC team has grown along with the scale and variety of the projects it undertakes. Today JCC leads large scale developments and commercial projects, and executes the most technically complex construction activities.

Our commitments


We stand behind our work and operate in complete transparency. At each level of the company our employees pride themselves on being accountable, and, in turn, responsible for their achievements.


The clients who depend on us can always rest assured that we are there for them. JCC is a trustworthy construction partner who bring stability and security to even the most difficult and challenging projects.


JCC is licensed, bonded, and insured for all the construction projects we undertake. Constant innovation and training, learning from the best in our fields, and assured compliance with government and employer associations, guarantee the highest level of professional service.

Our Management Team

Aristeo Martinez:
Site Supervisor

Diego Muriedas
Head of Millwork Division

Fréderic Renaud
Site Supervisor

Josh Collins

Jozef Lubkiewicz
Site Supervisor

Pablo Cortes
Estimator/Project Manager

Felix Prud’homme
Project Coordinator

Francois Crevaux
Site Supervisor

Valerie DuTemple
Head Administrator