Services – Commercial


JCC is a Montreal-based General Contractor in the residential and commercial sectors offering both project management services and a large team of on-site skilled labor. Whether restoring, maintaining, or building new JCC is a dynamic enterprise able to respond to its clients’ needs.

Residential Developments

JCC specializes in developments within the urban core on the island of Montreal, bringing to each project the benefit of years of experience learning how to operate in limited spaces and deal with the complexities of the urban environment. Using the most innovative management software, we have a trusted team who can bring projects from the nascent budget phase to successful delivery. In collaboration with design professionals, municipal authorities, subtrades, and developers, we can conceive, coordinate, and bring to fruition a successful game plan.

Commercial Spaces

JCC builds spaces in which businesses can succeed. We understand the necessity of strict time and cost controls in completing offices, stores, restaurants, and studios. JCC works hand in hand with business owners in the conception, design, selection of materials, project management, and execution of the construction work. Clear communication systems ensure that our commercial clients’ visions for their businesses are actualized and the anticipated benchmarks are achieved.

Property Management

Throughout Montreal many of the most prestigious buildings with the most demanding clienteles trust their general maintenance needs to our team. JCC is able to accommodate urgencies, the strictest standards of cleanliness, and complex scheduling restrictions. Our reputation is for reliability and service, so property managers can keep life simple and their buildings running smoothly.

Foundation replacement, underpinning

Aged concrete, deteriorated over the last 100 years often leaves no alternative but complete replacement. Our expertise allows the secure support of your home and the possibility of putting a solid foundation back underneath, thus ensuring the long-term maintenance of value. We often take the opportunity during this work to increase the basement ceiling height and provide a more livable space which can be better utilized. In the event that the building’s foundations are in good condition but our client’s need to increase the basement height we can also provide underpinning services which will extend the depths of the foundations. Start with an assessment by our structural engineer and we can evaluate the possibilities and respective costs for each available option.


When we look at building fundamentals – structure is definitely the most important! Building from the ground up, we have the engineering and technical expertise to create the desired spaces by way of the most efficient materials, so that our creations will stand the test of time. Our in-house team and equipment provide the flexibility to adapt to the most complex structural designs in concrete, steel, or wood. But older structures, or those badly built, or even ill conceived will need repair or replacement, and the challenge of this work, since they are the most internal, is that they are often buried under layers of finishings. The solution: innovation and creative solutions to minimize the cost and still perform the necessary remedies ensure structural integrity. Whether modifying or repairing existing buildings, or building new JCC provides the peace of mind of knowing that the work is done right.